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Create and allow.

The Nature Angels have chosen the cape honeysuckle flower for this week's message.

I photographed this beauty while on the island of Kos. She has such a brilliant orange color and is also known as the flame cape honeysuckle because of her fire-like energy.

This powerful flower is salt tolerant and grows well in the heat and sun, so it is a perfect tropical island flower.

Her long tubular shaped flowers are designed for the hummingbirds and butterflies.  

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to share about this beautiful flower:

Hello almost resilient and creative human beings!

We did choose this flower and these particular words because you do have such resiliency and so much creative power within you.

The beautiful orange color of this flower connects you to your sacral chakra, where your soul resides and your creativity blooms.

The funnel shape of these flowers represents the funnel shape of the chakra energy deep within you and that also expands outward from you.

We ask that you focus on the area in your body below your belly button. Place both hands flat on your belly with the thumbs touching just below the navel and your fingers in a V shape resting between your pelvic bones, pointing downwards to the area of your tailbone. This is the area of your sacral chakra. 

Use the image of this flower and her bright orange color to help visualize this color energy flowing in the area beneath your hands.  As you visualize this also a visualize that the energy is growing larger. 

Do not be concerned if you have some tummy fat there. This is stored creative energy that has been waiting to be released. The more you create, the more creative ideas flow to you.

Please say:

I realize that I am a creative being and it is time for me to create abundantly.  I create lovingly and joyfully. I release any voices that tell me anything that is less than supportive to my endeavors. What I create matters to myself, to others, and to the world. I allow this energy to flow freely through me.


Wow! what a beautiful message from the Nature Angels. I knew they were going to talk about creating because this flower is the color of creativity.

This particular plant can have a number of flower blossoms which represent how much creativity we are capable of.

I like how the Nature Angels also said, what I create matters. Matter also has the other definition as being something solid.

Creativity starts off as an idea but then it does become something that you bring into fruition, whether it be a recipe you decided to make, or for a piece of jewelry, clothing, a drawing or painting, music, writing, decorations, anything.  Share your gifts.

With the holidays upon us, I reminisce and remember a wooden Christmas stable that my grandfather made to hold all of the figurines of the holy family, the shepherds, the wise men and all the animals. There is something magic when there is love put into a creation. The energy is stored in the creation.

What beautiful memory do you have of something that was created by the hand of a loved one?  It could be anything, a meal or a dessert. There's usually a lot of baking done around the holidays. I have a tradition in my family of making the Scottish shortbread cookies, the recipe from my grandmother and perhaps even her mother before her. 

Let yourself create. When you open the door, more creativity will start flowing through you. We are meant to be creative beings. And remember, when we create, we are letting Source create through us. 

Do not put any pressure on yourself.  Focus on this beautiful flower image.

Imagine how this flower nurtures all of the hummingbirds and butterflies. Remember the transformative nature of butterflies.  Then create with love.  Love nurtures all of us.  Put this love energy into what you create. 

Have fun with doing this.  If you are tired, rest. Create when you feel well rested, peaceful and with no expectations. Even if something doesn't come out exactly how you envisioned it, that's okay. 

Aristotle said, The pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.  

Create with pleasure.  Think of a juicy orange. You might actually want to go buy some and eat them. Let your creative juices flow.  Enjoy the process.  Create for yourself, create for others.

I just participated in the monthly Hollow Bone meditative circle offered by my teacher.  She talked of stepping into our magnificence.  When I went into the meditative state, the only message I heard was tolerance and tolerate.

I usually receive more than that and almost felt frustrated with this message.  I had posted a YouTube video about the power of words. I thought these words don't hold a high vibration.   

You can watch the video by going here.

Then I got the message to look up these words. 

Tolerance means the willingness to tolerate.

Tolerate means to allow the existence or practice. 

I thought what a great message.  The willingness to allow the existence or practice. During the busy holiday season, can you allow the existence or practice instead of tolerating something?  It will shift your vibration and you will feel lighter and less irritated.   

If you feel stuck or blocked, please reach out to me. I can connect with your highest and best to help you clear thoughts and beliefs, perhaps from childhood or a past life, that are holding you back.  We are meant to be free and experience life with joy.  Let yourself be the creative being that is within you.  Please reach out to me if you think you need some help with this.

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Dec 13, 2023

Thanks for your great message.

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